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Meet the Physiatrists

We are Physicians specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Physiatrists) who are uniquely qualified to provide a strong medical foundation for life care planning and experience in providing medical and rehabilitative services to individuals with disabilities.

Ronald Snyder, MD

Ronald E. Snyder, MD

Pediatric and Adult Physiatrist

Currently, he serves as the Medical Director and Founder of Physiatry Life Care Planning Associates in Maitland, FL, Dr. Snyder graduated from the Indiana University Medical School in 1972. Dr. Snyder began his career in Pediatrics via Yale University, where he was Chief Resident. Being a consummate learner, he furthered himself as a physician, attending a second residency program in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at St. Francis Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Snyder has served as Medical Director of several brain injury programs including St. Joseph Center for Rehabilitation and Ocean State Rehabilitation (Rhode Island), as well as at the New England Goodwill Industries Brain Injury Program and River Ridge Brain Injury Program (Maine).

Chronic pain states and treatments, as well as appropriate documentation for medical-legal situations, have resulted in Dr. Snyder providing training programs jointly throughout the United States with the DEA, medical, and pharmacy boards.

Dr. Snyder is ever working to hone his experience and knowledge. With a high priority focus on proactive patient care, he has been providing adult and pediatric Life Care Plans for 15 years. Cases have ranged from pediatric birth trauma, traumatic brain injury, minimal consciousness, and vegetative states burn, up to four limb amputations, childhood rape, and incest, as well as nursery school abuse.

Nicholas Bagnoli, DO

Nicholas Bagnoli, DO


Finding inspiration through the strength of others, Dr. Nicholas Bagnoli became a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in order to provide a holistic approach in healing the mind, body, and spirit. He graduated from the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine in 1993, concluding his residency in Physiatry at Johns Hopkins in 1997. At Physiatry Life Care Planning Associates, his nurturing outlook towards patient care provides a valuable, introspective approach to Life Care Planning. His immense compassion and approachable attitude serve as an immeasurable asset as he works to develop sustainable treatment and care for patients, for their lifetime.

In his limited time away from his demanding workload, he finds joy in spending time with his immediate family, as well as attending performances with his two daughters and his wife for various fine arts presentations. A man of many passions, he may also be found delving into his family’s cultural roots through exquisite cuisine all over the world.

Maria Ocasio, MD

Maria Ocasio, MD

Pediatric and Adult Physiatrist

Dr. Maria Ocasio has a diverse medical background in Physiatry and specializes in Pediatric Rehabilitation. Graduating with Honors, she has served as Medical Director and worked in multiple settings including private practice, hospital, inpatient rehabilitation, and outpatient clinics. Her experience has allowed her to work with children and adults. At Physiatry Life Care Planning Associates, Dr. Ocasio is not only skillful in her comprehensive yet gentle examination of patients, but in her ability to bridge a person’s current condition with their needs over time. This is especially valued as her specialty in Pediatric Rehabilitation can lend itself to extensive planning for a child as they grow into adulthood. Additionally, speaking Spanish and English fluently, she is able to relate and understand patient needs in a multicultural setting.

Dr. Ocasio enjoys exercise of all kinds, and if she were not a physician, she would have become a teacher of Physical Education or own a volleyball academy (she was an Olympic qualifier). Out of the office, she can be found enjoying time with her husband and three children.

Leslie Watson, MS

Leslie L. Watson, MA, CRC, CMDE

Research Specialist

Leslie Watson is a leader in the field of research and medical cost research for Life Care Planning. Beginning her career under the direction of Paul M. Deutsch, she then went on to own several successful companies within the field of Rehabilitation. Leslie is a multi-faceted rehabilitation specialist, with work experience inclusive of Life Care Planning, Worker’s Compensation Case Management, Neuropsychological Testing, as well as in literature and research development for Rehabilitation Professionals under the approval of the National Certification Boards. She has worked in the field of Life Care Planning Research, publishing multiple articles and conducting presentations and training to those seeking to learn about the world of medical cost research as it relates to Life Care Planning.

​​​​​​​At Physiatry Life Care Planning Associates, Leslie lends her acumen to Dr. Snyder, providing consultation for effective medical cost research. She assists the team immeasurably, working to produce Life Care Plans that are comprehensive and accurate in scope.

Rachel Richardson, MS

Rachel Richardson, MAT

Special Education Executive Administrator

​​​​​​​Originally working with pediatric through geriatric populations of patients with Traumatic Brain Injury in an outpatient setting through Goodwill Industries in Maine, she conducted group therapies, performed psychometric testing under the direction of Neuropsychology, and also worked with individuals in both vocational and social settings within the community. She then acquired a Masters of Arts in Teaching and worked with Elementary and Special Needs students for years, where she valued the growth of her students on an individualized basis. Working with Physiatry Life Care Planning Associates is an opportunity that allows for a combination of her education and experience.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Rachel now serves as the Coordinator of Services for Physiatry Life Care Planning and is currently working on her Life Care Planning Certification. She assists to coordinate the production of Life Care Plans, including proofreading and editing, also serving as a liaison between physicians, economists, and attorneys through the process of locating the most appropriate potentials of care for patients in their specific locations. All work is supervised under the direction of Dr. Snyder.

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